The Best History Of Rivalry Between The La Dodgers And The Yankees}

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Submitted by: Mauricete Johnson

There have always been rival teams ever since the beginning of sports event and the teams have always been an opponent for dominance and championship. In baseball, there’s two such teams: the LA Dodgers and the New York Yankees. The competition involving these teams is so popular and recognized. These teams have played against each other in just about all the leagues including the American league, the National league and the World Series. This competition started off long ago; since when the dodgers competed in Brooklyn as the Brooklyn Dodgers. Even after the Dodgers changed their base to LA, the vying for top still continued and is particularly still seen today.

This competition started in 1941 when the two teams competed against each other in the World Series. In the fourth game, the LA Dodgers then catcher Mickey Owens broke a curveball that was thrown during the 9th inning by Hugh Casey. The game resulted in a 3rd strike and then a rally by the Yankees who won at that time in the World Series.

After about 6 years later, the two teams met again and in subsequent competitions, the LA dodgers were frequently beaten by the Yankees who went on to win them several times.

Things were about to change for the Dodgers, however in 1955 as they went ahead to beat the New York Yankees in seven numerous games, the team walked away from the competition as the winner. Of course that World Series was the only one the Los Angeles Dodgers won while they were stationed in Brooklyn and still called the Brooklyn Dodgers. As the World Series kept evading them, that next 7 years were ones of pure torture, not thanks to the Yankees who ensured that they secured the championship each and every time.

After this however, it took about twenty three years before the teams were to meet again. While they did not meet the Yankees, the LA Dodgers met the Bombers in June 2004 during a weekend series. Out of the three matches that were played, the LA Dodgers were able to successfully win two.

The rivalry between the Yankees and the LA Dodgers became noticeable again in 2007 when a Yankee Legend in the person of Joe Torre took up the position of coach and manager with the LA Dodgers. With Joe at the helm of affairs and Manny Ramirez who was a left fielder, the Dodgers were able to win the 22008 West Division Pennant thus putting an end to the Yankees’ reign for 13 straight seasons.

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