How To Get Paid To Shop Online?}

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How to Get Paid to Shop Online?


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Millions of people all around the world shop online every day. This could be doing simple purchases such as buying your weekly groceries, or it could simply be purchasing the latest must-have computer game. Even though Internet prices are usually a far amount lower than normal shop prices, most people don’t realize that they could all be taking highest paying money with surveys online every time they make a transaction online – just from using a free cash back website.

Get Paid to Shop Online – A cash back website is simply a normal Internet website but it has thousands of links to other online retailers. These links are called affiliate links – every time someone clicks one of these links and makes a transaction at the website, the cash back website earns a commission (this could be %10 for example). What the cashback website does is it gives a certain amount of this commission back to the shopper – hence the term “cash back”. From this example the website may pay that shopper %5 cash back. This is so the website makes a profit, and by paying the shopper the cash back they are also encouraging them and other people to use their website.

Get paid to read emails or shop to do what you do anyway. You go to the grocery store to get your food don’t you? Or to Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club to get toothpaste, toilet paper, etc right?

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The point is we all buy certain necessities we need every month. So why not buy it online and get a fat rebate check as a refund in return? That’s not it, think about this for a minute. When you shop online, you save on gas and you don’t have to spend a lot of time doing it. You can shop when you want where you want. All you need is a computer and Internet. Check out the list of most trusted paid survey sites and start your earnings now. They will come and deliver the products right to you. So why bother with the hassle?

I never understood why not more people take advantage of this set up. Well now more and more people are as they are learning the true power of the Internet and also know how to earn extra money from surveys as well as paid online surveys for money. Now here is another thing. Stores sell products online much cheaper. Why? Because they don’t have rent expenses to pay. They don’t pay utility bills or bills to hire people to bring in those grocery carts back in the store which the customers like you leave outside when you take your bags to your car.

There are hundreds of ways to make money online with paid surveys using cash back websites, and you could save so much money – up to %50 of the total price of your online shopping. I find cash back websites an invaluable way to make money online, and priceless too due to the fact that most of them are completely free to join and use.

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Suzuki Bellsonica Joint Venture Is Bad News For Maruti’s}

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Suzuki-Bellsonica joint-venture is bad news for Maruti’s



Bellsonica Auto Component Pvt Ltd., the Maruti-Suzuki joint-venture with Bellsonica Corp., is expected to reduce the contribution per vehicle of Maruti’s existing sheet metal suppliers.

The joint-venture was set up in July last year and is setting up a plant in Manesar, near Maruti’s new production plant. Maruti-Suzuki holds 30% in the joint-venture with the rest held by Bellsonica one of Suzuki’s traditional suppliers in Japan.

The biggest loser is expected to be Jay Bharat Maruti, Maruti’s traditional medium-sized sheet metal components supplier. Along with Caparo Maruti, Mark Auto (now SKH Metals) and Rasandik Industries, JBML accounts for most of Maruti’s sheet metal requirements. JBML is one of Maruti’s top five suppliers in terms of value.

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Bellsonica’s Indian venture is likely to overlap the most with JBML’s share in Maruti’s sheet metal component requirements, supplying the same type of components. Sources pointed out that JBML, which supplies around 90 sheet metal components for the just launched SX4 saloon, was offered less than 20 components by Maruti for the Model P, a small car under development by Suzuki, slated for launch in October 2008, to be manufactured in Manesar and slated for export to the European market. Maruti is targeting exports of 150,000 units per year of exports of the Model P, apart from huge domestic consumption, once it is introduced. The Model P will also be badged as a Nissan and that will account for 50,000 units as well.

Ironically, Bellsonica has been one of JBML’s technology providers in the past.

JBML is not the only probable loser because of Bellsonica’s Indian venture; Caparo Maruti, Mark Auto and Rasandik Industries are all likely to see their average content per vehicle with Maruti go down in the near future.

In another development, the four sheet metal suppliers were amongst the top ten worst rated suppliers at a recent Maruti supplier convention.

Not surprisingly, the sheet metal suppliers have been working at increasing the share of non-Maruti business in their total revenue. JBML has established a number of companies under the “Neel” umbrella which are responsible for non-Maruti businesses. These include a joint-venture with Thai Summit. JBML is already supplying to Tata Motors, Toyota, Ford, Ashok Leyland, Honda and several two wheeler companies as well as Tier 1 suppliers like Delphi.

Caparo Maruti is also aggressively expanding beyond Maruti. It is already supplying to General Motors and Eicher Motors and is looking at expanding to other OEMs as well.

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Suzuki-Bellsonica joint-venture is bad news for Maruti’s